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May 2018   |   sf chronicle

Public Defender's New Pretrial Release Program
Slashes SF Jail Stays

April 2018   |   SF Examiner

District Attorneys Must Work to End Money Bail

February 2018   |   New York Times

Should Bail Be Set Above What Defendants Can Pay?

February 2018   |   SF Examiner

Unequal Justice In The Age Of Reform

February 2018   |   SF Examiner

Public Defender Urges SF to End Gang Injunctions
Against Minorities

May 2018   |   SF Chronicle

SF Ordinance Targets Fees Faced By Poor Defendants

January 2018   |   NBC Bay Area

SF Supervisors Call for Increased Funding
for Immigrant Legal Defense


November 2017   |   Sacramento Bee

Don't Let Judges Hijack Bail Reform

October 2017   |   SF Chronicle

SF Public Defender Challenges Bail System

June 2017   |   SF Chronicle

SF Poor Criminal Suspects To Get Defense Lawyers Sooner

April 2017   |   Kron 4 News

In-Depth Interview With SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi

April 2017   |   SF Chronicle

Clashing Lawmen Spotlight SF's Divisions on Crimnal Justice

November 2016   |   SF Chronicle

Why We Should Provide Lawyers for Immigrants Facing Deportation

November 2016   |   SF Examiner

SF May Create Legal Team to Fight Upcoming Trump Deportations