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Jeff Adachi, Public Defender

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Dear Friend,

I have been honored to serve as your Cityís Public Defender for the past sixteen years. Each year, the office and its staff helps over 20,000 San Franciscans obtain justice in the courts, and enforce our nationís Bill of Rights and Constitution. I have also worked to improve the quality of life for all San Franciscans, by providing effective community-based programs that help prevent crime and turn lives around.

When I first ran for office, I pledged to create the best public defender's office in the nation. By implementing effective managerial support, adding critical staff and technology, and embedding our trained staff with the highest standards of excellence, we achieved that goal. We have received top national, statewide and local awards from the American Bar Association, the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, The California Public Defenderís Association and the SF Mayorís Fiscal Advisory Committee (MFAC)'s Managerial Excellence Awards.

This website sets forth some of the achievements of the office over the past decade. I hope you enjoy learning about our work and mission.

I am running for re-election in November 2018, and would greatly appreciate your vote and support.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Public Defender Jeff Adachi